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Ringaly for:

Don't miss important calls about your loved ones

Ringaly for Families

  • Choose a Ringaly phone number

  • Add family cell phones as contacts

  • Calls to your Ringaly number ring all your family contacts

  • First to answer takes the call

  • Other family contacts get a text


Simple. Inexpensive. Reassuring.


No more missed calls

Ringaly routes important calls to  your family, wherever they are or whatever they are doing.


Unable to answer? Ringaly sends you a reassuring text with who called and who answered.

No app required

No need to install yet another app. Ringaly is just a regular local phone number.

One family contact number so you don't miss those important calls


Missed calls from school while at work?

  • School - getting in touch if your child is sick

  • Doctor - contacting you about an appointment

  • Coach - calling to let you know practice is over

  • Camp - reminding you about a forgotten lunch

  • Collar - if someone finds your runaway pet

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