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Ringaly for Schools

Connecting schools to families ... faster

Schools expend a lot of time and effort calling parents about their children. Ringaly makes it so much easier - because it only takes ONE call or text to reach ALL a student’s family contacts. Watch our 2 minute explainer below or read our schools blog post.

Contact us to arrange a month's free trial or if you have any questions. 

Ben Harrison - Director at Adda Clevenger school, San Francisco

"Using Ringaly has significantly reduced the time it takes to reach parents - our office admins love it and it was quick and easy to setup."



${smallSchool}/year per student (up to 250 students*)

${bigSchool}/year per student (more than 250 students*)

Deeper discounts for early adopters, state and larger schools. Contact us for a quote.

*Students counted in blocks of 50

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