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A better way for schools to contact parents about their children

See our Ringaly for Schools page for a video explainer and pricing and please contact us with any questions, to obtain a quote or to arrange a demo or free trial.

Schools expend a surprising amount of time and effort trying to reach parents with urgent updates about their children, e.g. sickness, lost permission slips, missed pickups. A typical parent contact process requires school administrators to look up family contacts, call them one by one and leave voicemails if there’s no answer. It's a hit-and-miss process and a source of stress for school and parents.

One call or text to reach all family contacts

Wouldn't it be easier if schools just needed ONE contact number per family? A number that simultaneously rings ALL the phones of a child's parents and caregivers? That connects the school to the first family contact to answer and sends texts to other family contacts, telling them school called and who answered? That forwards "Please call school ASAP about Kevin" text messages to all family contacts?

Ringaly for Schools

Using Ringaly to improve a school’s parent contact process couldn’t be easier. Ringaly runs in the cloud and synchronizes with school directories to create a virtual phone ‘extension’ for each student. School administrators can immediately reach all a family’s contacts with just one call or text to a per-student ‘extension’ - from existing phones and without any new IT systems to manage or apps to install.

When school calls a student’s ‘extension’ Ringaly simultaneously rings the phones of all the student’s family contacts (from the school directory). The first family contact to answer takes the call and other contacts receive a reassuring text telling them school called and who answered. Simple and effective.

Try Ringaly for Schools FREE for a month

Ringaly for Schools is transparent to both school and parents (administrators just need to look up and call one student ‘extension’ instead of a list of contact numbers) so it’s easy to try it out - and Ringaly offers schools an obligation-free free trial for a month. Create as many or as few student ‘extensions’ as you like and see how much faster and easier it becomes to contact parents about their children.

How does your school benefit from Ringaly?

Schools and parents both benefit from an easier, faster and more reliable way for schools to call parents with updates about their children. Most calls aren’t urgent, but when they are it can be stressful and time-consuming for schools when busy working parents don’t answer their phones (in meetings, or without signal) and stressful for parents when they miss calls from school and don’t know whether other family members have been contacted.

Ringaly for Schools significantly improves the school-to-parent contact process at low cost to schools (budget, IT overhead and process change).


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