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What is Ringaly and how does it work?

Nothing is more frustrating than missing an important call. If you are a parent or caregiver, you know that missing calls from your child, the school or even a doctor's office can be very stressful. We all need a community to help raise our kids and especially to make sure we are able to receive those calls that can not be missed.

When filling out forms or information regarding your children, most of us give one parent's or the primary caregivers cell phone number. This is often the parent we hope will most likely be available. But what if that person isn’t available when the call is made? The school, camp counselor or doctor doesn’t always have everyone’s number, or have time to make multiple calls. What happens when your child needs you but you are unavailable?

The founders of Ringaly, both parents of two boys, ran into this problem in their own families. Fortunately with a background in technology and communications, they had an idea of how to solve it.

Introducing Ringaly

Ringaly is a service that allows you to buy a new phone number which, when called, will reach your family contacts simultaneously. The contacts can include Mom, Dad, Grandparents or other caregivers of your choice. Then you share this one number with your child’s school, the doctor's office and more. The next time they make a call, whichever one of your contact answers first is connected to the call. Everyone else in your community then gets a text saying where the call came from and which of the contacts answered.

There are so many great ways to use Ringaly. You might consider teaching your young child the number so they can always reach someone if ever in need. Or put it on your dog's collar in case they are lost. It can be used for elderly parents who want to reach you and your siblings with just one call. There is now peace of mind in just one phone number.

Getting your own Ringaly number is easy. Just go to the web site, choose the number you want and begin using it! There is no app for this service. Ringaly is built on the latest communications technology. The service supports both cell phones and landlines, as well as voice over IP (Voip) solutions like Skype and Google Voice.


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