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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes. If your subscription is monthly (most are) you can cancel at any time and continue to use our service for the month you've paid for (within your call and text allowances).

Q: Can I block spam callers?

A: Yes. Contact us by form or email with the phone number of any nuisance callers or texters you would like to block (you can find it on your phone or our call logs page) and we will add them to our internal block lists.

Q: Can I add a Google Voice or Skype number as a contact?

A: Yes, we support any phone number that can receive SMS/text messages.

Q: Can I add international contacts?

A: No, we only support contacts within the same country as the number you purchased. If you would like us to support international contacts please contact us.


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