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Mom's phone has become the ‘family’ phone. It’s time to share the load.

If Mom is the CEO of most families, then her cell phone is definitely the company switchboard. Modern parents share many responsibilities but typically Mom organizes and manages the family. If you’re a Mom, you know this is true but let’s look at the data. A recent survey at found a whopping 93% of mothers say they feel burned out, especially during the pandemic. Another study by Catalyst found women do more than 76% of unpaid care work, primarily looking after children or other family members. Or the study by the Pew Research Center where over half of parents in households, in which both the mother and the father work full time, say that the mother does more when it comes to managing the children’s schedules and activities.

Since Mom is handling the family business, it’s most likely her cell phone that is shared with all the child-related contacts like school, daycare, doctors, camp counsellors, nannies, and other parents. Often the contact forms that she is filling out ask for just one phone number, which is inevitably going to be her cell phone. So Mom gets all the calls! What happens if she’s in a meeting, driving or just can’t answer? Is not that her partner or relatives don’t want to help, it’s that they don’t get a chance because they weren’t being contacted in the first place. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to share the responsibility of answering those important calls.

Ringaly - a family call forwarding and notification service

Ringaly is a simple and inexpensive service created by parents to improve family communications and take some pressure off Mom. Through the website, you can buy a new local phone number and add parents or caregivers as contacts. Then share your Ringaly number with daycare, school, etc. When someone calls your new number it simultaneously rings all your contacts - connecting the call to whoever answers first. Even better, the contacts who didn’t answer receive a text message notifying them who called and who answered. Any texts sent to your Ringaly number are also forwarded to all your contacts.

Now when school calls because your daughter is sick and Mom is busy on another call, your partner will answer. Or if your son forgot his lunch at school, Grandma gets the text and helps out. Mom is relieved that her kids are taken care of and she can now follow up with who answered the call or text.

Getting started is easy and there is no long-term commitment. You don’t need to install an app or buy a new phone. You now have one number for all those urgent family calls you really don’t want to miss! Click here to get started.


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