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Ringaly product updates

June 2022

We’ve updated Ringaly school directory pages with new features and usability improvements. Read about these changes below and if you have any questions email us at

Directory help

For users that only occasionally use the Ringaly directory we have added a How to use this directory? link to the directory page.

Improved search

To make looking up student contacts even easier we have removed searching and sorting by extension. You can still search for students by name (results are updated as you type).

NEW! And we have added searching by year group.

Group texts

You can still click on a student extension to reach all a student’s family contacts with a single call or text, and we’ve added the ability to send a text to all the family contacts for a year group or the entire school. Contact your Ringaly account manager to enable this functionality. If enabled, when you search by group (see above) you will see a new Group text button. Click this to compose and send a group text.

Note: As with Ringaly calls or texts to family contacts this group text feature is subject to allowances. Low-volume group texts (equivalent to 1 text per month sent to all school family contacts) is included in existing pricing. This is usually more than sufficient as sending out group texts too frequently reduces their impact (parents start ignoring them).

I hope you find these changes useful!

Martin Lambert

CTO, Ringaly


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