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Ringaly and text (SMS) messages

Ringaly sends you text (SMS) messages to notify you about answered and missed calls and forwards texts sent to your Ringaly number to your configured contacts - but read on to find out more.

Ringaly text (SMS) notifications

If someone calls your Ringaly number we send all the contacts who did NOT answer the call a text (SMS) message notifying them that the call was answered. If none of your contacts could answer we send all the contacts a similar missed call text notification.

Ringaly text (SMS) forwarding

If someone sends a text (SMS) message to your Ringaly number we forward that text on to all your configured contacts. The forwarded message will look a little different to the original message:

  • If necessary we truncate the original text and/or remove non-standard characters like emojis so you only receive a single text (SMS) message.

  • We add a prefix to the forwarded text (SMS) message to remind you the text is coming via Ringaly and to show the sender’s number.

Can you reply to Ringaly text (SMS) messages?

The short answer is no, or at least not yet. Let’s look at the two uses for Ringaly text (SMS) messages:

  • It doesn’t really make sense to reply to Ringaly text (SMS) notifications. They are notifications from Ringaly about answered or missed calls to your Ringaly number. If you reply to a Ringaly text (SMS) notification we send a warning text to you and your contacts with a link to this help article.

  • Replying to text (SMS) messages forwarded to you by Ringaly is a much more natural thing to want to do, until you realise you are replying to Ringaly and NOT to the original sender. If you reply to a Ringaly-forwarded text (SMS) message we send a warning text to you and your contacts with a link to this help article.

We are planning on adding the ability to reply to text (SMS) messages forwarded to you by Ringaly in the not too distant future - but you will need to format your reply in a special way to include the original sender’s number so we know where to send it.

Not receiving text (SMS) messages from Ringaly?

WARNING: It is possible to accidentally unsubscribe from text (SMS) messages from Ringaly by replying STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT to Ringaly notifications or Ringaly-forwarded text (SMS) messages. Instead of unsubscribing from an overly verbose sender you will have unsubscribed from Ringaly!

Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix. Text ‘START’ (one word, no quotes) to the number from which you used to receive Ringaly text (SMS) messages. You can look up that number in your phone's messaging app. Note that this number may not be your Ringaly number. Then test it by either calling your Ringaly number (to receive a notification) or sending a text to your Ringaly number (to cause forwarding).


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