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How to keep in touch with lost kids at theme parks

Summer is here. All across the US COVID restrictions are being lifted as a successful vaccination program lowers infection rates. At last we can get the family out of the house and an obvious destination is the local theme park. However, for many of us, the anxiety experienced as a result of the pandemic has left its scars. There is the fact that many kids under 12 don’t have vaccinations so using caution and wearing masks is still recommended. Being prepared when heading out of the house these days is super important. Another concern many parents share when heading into a crowded theme park is being separated from your young child.

When our own kids were growing up we often visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We taught them that if they got lost they should find a responsible adult like a member of staff or another mother with kids. They were instructed to tell them they were lost and to give them the phone number we’d written on their arm. There was always the question of which phone number do we use? As with many families, we ended up teaching our boys to remember Mom’s cell phone but what if she has a bad signal or is on a ride with a sibling? Wouldn’t it be better if our boys could learn just one number that would ring both of us at the same time if they needed us?

That’s why we created Ringaly. You get a new phone number to which you add contact numbers for parents and caregivers. When someone calls the number it rings both Mom and Dad’s cell phones, connecting whoever answers first and notifying the other parent by text who called and who answered (which is great if you split up to search). Now you only have to teach your kids one phone number to remember in case they get separated from you at a theme park, in the mall or anywhere. Everyone can have confidence knowing that when your child gives this number to someone responsible, they can always get in touch with family.

So before you head out for a brave new day of fun on the roller coasters or log rides, get a Ringaly number and teach it to your children. If they are too young to remember, write the number in pen on their arm or put a note in their pocket. That way anyone who helps your child can easily get in touch with someone right away.

It takes about five minutes to get up and running. You don’t need to install a new app or buy another phone because it’s simply a regular local phone number. Head over to now so you can have peace of mind and won’t miss any important calls about your loved ones.

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