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Check billing and allowances

Log in to Ringaly and go to the Numbers page

The Numbers page is accessible from the menu you use to login or logout. It shows your Ringaly numbers and the contacts to which they forward calls and texts. Below your contacts it summarizes the allowances remaining in the current month.

Billing details

Click on the billing icon beside a number for more detailed billing information.

What does it all mean?

The Subscription popup has lots of information, but here's what each item means:

  • Remaining - how many incoming voice calls, voice minutes and text messages are left from your plan allowances in the current month

  • Plan - the name of the subscription you purchased

  • Description - a summary description of the plan and its allowances

  • Recurring - the billing period (typically monthly)

  • Price - the amount that will be taken from your payment method each billing period

  • Status - the status of your subscription (e.g. active, past due, expired)

  • Paid through - the date up to which you have paid

  • Payment method - the credit card (and its expiration) used for the subscription

  • Billing day of month - the day in the month on which we take payment

  • Next billing date - the date on which we will next take payment

  • Balance - any outstanding balance owed (due to failed payments)

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