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Add or change contacts

It’s easy to add, delete or update the contacts you associate with your Ringaly number(s). For example you might want to add a grandparent or change the name that appears in contact notification texts.

Log in to Ringaly and go to the Numbers page

The Numbers page is accessible from the menu you use to login or logout. It shows your Ringaly number(s) and the contacts to which they forward calls and texts. Select the edit button next to the number you want to update.

Update contacts

Clicking the edit button pops up the contact editor (below). To edit or delete an existing contact click on the edit or delete buttons next to the contact. To add a new contact click the Add contacts button.

Adding a new contact requires their phone number to be verified, which is done by sending them a text message with a code. Ask the person who owns that number to tell you the verification code when they receive it.


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